Mobile video into the first year of commercial advertising is still waiting for a short time

review because of the restriction of the screen and the Pad end is mainly on the territory of mobile end video ads, some main advertising on the Pad advertising budget ratio up to 20%, but very few on the mobile phone, iPhone, Android less end is almost zero.


Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on January 15th

2013, the company’s strategic mobile terminal, a full embrace of the mobile internet." This is the recent Youku CEO Victor Koo (micro-blog), Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu (micro-blog) signal to convey the video industry heavyweights focus. Just last week, Youku released the latest statistics reported that the amount of video playback from the mobile terminal (VV) took the lead 100 million. Affected by this news Youku shares rose second days.

video website in the layout of the mobile terminal long-standing, both Youku potatoes or Iqiyi, Sohu, video LETV, are here for many years, but this year is the first year "video mobile terminal commercialization".

users to move to the end of the migration faster than expected, the video is the mobile end of the game can be profitable applications." Iqiyi vice president Yang Xianghua predicted: "a lot of the story happened in 2013 mobile video will."

science and technology Tencent visited a number of video website executives was informed that, at present, the domestic first-line camp video website began commercial mode, explore the mobile video advertising campaign at the same time, the video site is around the "mobile" quietly heating up, the attendant is the major companies in product, personnel and marketing strategy etc. the adjustment.

subscriber growth than expected

July 2012, Iqiyi began to launch video advertising standard sale mode iPad and iPhone terminal, kicked off the mobile end video ads commercialization.

followed, Youku potatoes, Sohu video, LETV, PPTV and PPS have taken the pace of commercialization of mobile video. At present, Iqiyi, Youku and PPTV have on tablet devices and iPhone users to sell advertising, is actively preparing for the rest of the various.

user base is the premise of mobile advertising sales." Yang Xianghua pointed. Public data show that over the past two years, China Mobile (micro-blog) video users grew by 77% last year, more than 100 million, mobile video has accounted for all mobile data traffic of 59%. Yi media survey last year showed that 39% of mobile Internet users will watch at least once a day on the phone.

mobile video growth far faster than expected. In December last year, the total flow of mobile terminal traffic Iqiyi accounted for less than 4%, reaching 15% in July last year, by the end of last year has been close to 28%. At present, the mobile terminal, Youku playback volume of billions of dollars, the overall flow, from the mobile terminal.

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