Do you really know the cost of starting a business

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FORM, gold blog webmaster, can think of this topic, because these days I use from the media, Ali cloud hosting will expire soon, he has received to renew the message, I was once every three months to renew, this may be for the entrepreneurial team, hundreds of dollars are small, not what is necessary, is nothing more than a year into more than 1 thousand and 200 dollars, but for the average person from the media entrepreneur, 1200 yuan is not a decimal, because you don’t make money from the media! This could not help but make me think of a question: that is the cost analysis from the media business.


is now advocating public entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship from the media for its low investment, low threshold to attract a large number of friends to join, but as far as I know, ninety-nine percent people are not making money, even more just amuse oneself, rippling in their beautiful entrepreneurial future conjecture, when the media do not make money there are many reasons, some of the wrong direction, some time is arranged properly, some key investment mistakes, and some cost control is not good. Today, I have a majority of the personal part of the media from the media to discuss the cost of starting from the media, because as one of them, I have the right to speak.

time cost

I remember a lot of people from the media are talking about personal health problems, why? Now that more and more people began to pay attention to the cost of the media from time to time. Most individuals from the media business basically is a person in the battle, few have their own team, but the team is also a few people together, a consistent, division of labor and the distribution of specific content is not clear. There is a phenomenon, although do not make money, but as people from the media, we are busy from morning to night, look at the letter a lot of media content update is in the morning, this is nothing to do full-time since the media people, but if you are in the beginning, part-time to do so, you have not considered the cost of your time.

is a part-time job, I believe you in the business when considering for themselves a way to stay, but often when you are in the actual operation will be more than their taking into account the investment, such as me, I can do gold blog, got up at 5 a.m. to write original, work time to see relevant industry news for tomorrow in the preparation of material, at night, occasionally send outside the chain, exchange chain and web site maintenance and so on, basically equivalent to my work time.

but how much money? In the same time, at least I work to bring the 8000 fastest wage income every month for me, but I’m from the media? -1200 is the monthly income, plus the mixed into two thousand. This means that my monthly income from the media is -10000 ah, I do not know whether you have thought about this question.

time cost above, >

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