51 social security network Tianjin branch hand in hand together to provide a full range of business

communications world network news (CWW) recently, the 51 social security network Tianjin branch and Tianjin well-known business incubator, Mr. Chuang to reach a cooperation, and attended the venture Mr. entrepreneurship conference 360. It is reported that the conference attracted a total of nearly 300 insiders, entrepreneurs in venture capital. Conference on the 51 social security network senior social security expert Geng Xin to entrepreneurs for the popularity of the "start-up employment risk prevention" professional knowledge.


social security expert Geng Xin proposed that the labor law is the enterprise and employees of the alternative marriage law". Because in a broad sense, both are in the binding or management of the two main "combination" and "separation" of things, but the labor law of the two main one is an individual enterprise. Just like marriage, enterprises and employees in the "combination", we must advance to say clearly. The first is the labor contract, the labor contract is the best professional lawyers review, and within a month, because the "labor law" provides that a month after the enterprise to pay employees double wages.

is another entry to the insured in a timely manner, social security should be as early as possible compliance issues, and the operation of social security professional. A few days ago, the 51 social security network released China’s corporate social security white paper, the entry of insurance on the timeliness of more than 8 enterprises have been able to achieve timely insured. However, compliance, there are 60% corporate social security irregularities. In recent years, the listed company intends to review the process of "social security" frequent, It is often seen. ultimately affect the business listing of the case.

in the Internet plus era, many enterprise personnel to increase the size and liquidity enhancement, the process of enterprises nationwide distribution significantly faster, more and more enterprises to contact O2O employment patterns. At the same time, the rapid development of enterprises, the employment risk is also increasing, so how to effectively avoid the risk of employment, to solve the problem of social security issues become more important.

start-ups in the absence of professional people to control the social security booth thing, how to carry out professional operation? Social security experts said that this is the 51 social security network has been in intensive and meticulous farming. 51 social network last year first proposed and began to explore the Internet security service model, and in August 22nd this year, "the third Chinese corporate social security forum" made a clear definition on the model, the use of Internet technology, improve service efficiency, optimize the user experience, the social insurance agency services as the core business continued product innovation, create value. Reconstruction and expand new business models."

face different social security policies across the country, the service has become the fundamental mode of social security services on the internet. Until August 51, the social security network has been completed as 8 key city like Tianjin branch to establish direct branches, and completed in September 15 direct branches layout, and gradually establish the area directly under the service center more, in order to adapt to the social security situation of the country is different, to ensure the quality of service.


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