Beauty salon based on the pursuit of beauty

open beauty salons, based on the pursuit of beauty

Wuhan weather, has entered the hottest time, people’s enthusiasm does not seem to decline. The last day of the fiery red in July, I saw the two Anhui beauty franchisee Ms. Ma and Ms. Lee in the tea room. This is the two special temperament of the lady in the quiet and elegant tea room, far to see the past like a painting, with a unique style of landscape Chinese nongmo.

"we’re bestie, she made the investment, before the main open classes, I mainly do the project. Do the two projects, then take into account the frequent exposure in the site, the skin is not good, and I think I bestie of beauty this piece are interested in, so I decided to open a partnership with the beauty parlor. The two of us of the beauty of this piece basically do not understand, just before go to beauty salons to do project experience in the management of beauty salons, there is no experience." Ms. Ma said this way.

"so how does the two know our company’s brand?"

is mainly through the Internet, ah, now the network so developed, want to know what can be found. And we can count on the love of love at first sight, basically see this brand is not too much to see other brands. And then you and your company’s teachers to know about the things we are mainly engaged in the company’s product packaging and training this piece of interest. Today, we went to visit, I feel very satisfied."

"do you have a general plan for the development of your beauty salon?"

shop to do business, how can we do not plan it? We found a more than and 100 square meters of shops, is now being renovated, the decoration of the shops are basically both of our own planning. If we are going to do well, a month after opening a new store, we have a good plan, and a two person of the problem is mainly responsible for the wine, one is mainly responsible for the problem of external marketing. Learn about this one, we will follow you down when the teacher learning arrangements.

now we are very worried about the problem is to have problems in recruitment of things, we expect to recruit 3 beauticians and 2 apprentices, hope the company can also help us to solve it in this respect. Because we have been in the recruitment work, but now basically no one to recruit, so we are very anxious."

from this conversation, it is not difficult to find the two character more decisive personality of women, their elegance and dress can easily give people a good impression, but also have a clear plan for the future development of the beauty salon. I believe that these two women can to make a career for himself.

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