My record prices almost ruined future business because the chicken soup

editor’s note: the author of this article is ProofPilot Matthew incumbent CEO Amsden.

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in the world, has been spread in such a "creative enterprise baodianpian", one of the three most main content can help enterprises achieve rapid development: "decisive action quickly, refused to stay in a rut", "as soon as possible to release their products, and to continue to innovate" and "product sales can solve everything the problem".

these may come from the experience of previous generations has become the most widely accepted truth. They not only carried out large-scale innovation, created a lot of wealth, but also made a significant contribution to the field of venture capital.

but my ProofPilot digital health companies precisely because of these so-called "business book" almost dead, I am afraid that these rules may threaten the entire digital medical industry.

our company is very lucky. ProofPilot in the early stages of a solid, which let us in the spring of 2014 from Blueprint Health (New York, a focus on innovation in medical innovation incubator) after graduation soon completed the seed round financing. At the same time, let us waste a year to try those guidelines for the development of enterprises, but found that did not achieve the desired results, still have the potential to continue to rise and space.

other companies are not so lucky. Theranos, Zenefits and 23andMe and other companies made serious mistakes in the tight media completely unmasked "monitoring". No one is willing to make mistakes or ignore important guidelines. I think there are more digital medical companies will face failure, because their own strategic growth model and their industry is not compatible.

healthcare and life sciences industry slow development inevitable. In the field of game products, you can promote their products in the e-commerce platform and social media, from which to gain evaluation and sum up the pros and cons of their products and optimize. But in the medical field, the error means that the company will face litigation. In some cases, the product or drug treatment process may bring unexpected results. The book mentioned in the "action quickly, innovation" is the medical industry difficult to achieve. Therefore, the medical field has a set of guidelines for the development of the company to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the rising.

in today’s society, almost everyone is using the user centric App. Compared to the bank or electricity supplier, digital medical enterprises need to solve more complex problems, but the fact that no one cares. Users of digital medical products hope that these medical tools they use can be as simple and easy to send e-mail using Gmail.

once the digital medical tool is not so easy to use, there are two scenarios: if the tool is a App for ordinary users, then it >

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