Why should choose the nternet business district O2O You know all about it

said the local life O2O, we must be no stranger. In the PC area of the O2O system two days Xiaobian introduce end, what group purchase takeaway, distribution, business management, fight groups, door-to-door service, integral mall. These are the core values of the system application, but, again, compared to the other O2O and the market, what are the advantages of it! The following Xiaobian together and see what



business district O2O system advantages profile:

a little comparison can be the answer

from port:

business district O2O system relative to the lake science and technology system, the value of O2O to mobile services for the terminal, more advantages.

District O2O system includes users, settled merchants, service personnel, platform operators each relationship chain, different roles each have independent management background – District O2O system with multiple ports to meet the demands of different roles:

1, the user: the country at least one billion mobile phone users +8 billion WeChat users, as long as the user to give a good experience, will bring you a steady flow of


2, the business side: comprehensive, efficient management and set of goods / services, personnel, orders, funds, is also a large number of data analysis to help businesses help businesses in the business analysis, business strategist


3, the server: in a timely manner to inform the news of the new order, with a single grab, send a single system, the merchant sent a variety of orders, such as a single distribution, but also real-time view order status, to ensure the smooth flow of logistics as a whole..

from system functionality:

Takeaway delivery complete

District O2O system, compared with other systems, business O2O system mobile terminal distribution in end user orders, businesses can obtain a single push message and voice reminding function, don’t call you can always communicate with the customer, the function is more cool.

not only that the values of O2O system according to the community is added to the PC end of the property management background, the property management community is a tiger with wings added to pay for utilities, property owners, property management, information processing, online operation, greatly enhance the goodwill of the owners.

The details of the

will not be! The life of the shopping center is absolutely enough personal care, order view, harvest address, recharge and so on everything. More help, more like the play, a better experience.

from the price:

in the O2O market, are in the same arena Technology District O2O system of local portal system, not much difference between in the price at the same time, district O2O system more perfect.

bidirectional industry development analysis:

horizontal view: the line of local life services, covering too many fields and industries, there are meals

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