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home page layout

website to update the dynamic invocation section, a content of ancient sites, not only the user to see for a long time will be tired, the search engine will not love, Xiao Bian here is not to say

home is the center of the site, is used to guide users and search engines to read sub page, whether we want to how to optimize the home page, all around this center, this will we must ensure that the home page of the title, keywords and description are accurate and clear and focused.

as everyone knows, homepage is the site right to the highest place, can be said to the weight of the weight of the homepage is the website, if our homepage layout will cause the level of amplification is too small, too deep, but if our homepage layout too it will lead to our website long tail keywords in quite a long period of time is not the ranking, why, because even if the weight of the homepage is high, but because of the link to prevent excessive weight assigned to such is very little, so it is not conducive to the ranking of words, so the link of the homepage layout is very necessary.

page layout information is to show the user experience the best chance to try to be important information network, on the left, it meets the users in the reading pages when it is from below, from left to right habits, if there is login information, try to login information on the page top right corner because it is easier to find the user, but also cater to the general user is placed in the top right corner of the site in the habit of using a mouse, greatly increased the user experience of

home page updatesThe 1,

home page for a web site, a face is equivalent to the people, only in the first time to give "users" favor will want to know your interest, there is little immediate flaws will also be inclusive. As a Shanghai dragon Er, website layout should not only consider the user experience, more important is to be friendly to search engines, home as long as both these two can be a good home, can give high marks in the evaluation of the time, today Xiaobian from simple analysis of how to layout homepage


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home page should be accurate, clear and focused

The homepage layout

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