gnore the love Shanghai encyclopedia add nofollow

love for Shanghai site and the importance of reference or reference for the website search engine importance, followed by.

property of the nofollow off links in love Shanghai algorithm and the role of not so noble baby standard, it’s only love Shanghai to judge a score whether the weights of the relay link. Love Shanghai should transfer the weight of the link, the only criterion is: this link is the user or other websites really recommend your website, this recommendation is of value to the users. The official reference: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-6294-1-1.html.

, what kind of the chain is a valid


love Shanghai encyclopedia revocation extended reading chain, and give reference to add a nofollow attribute to all the data, I think that the Encyclopedia of the chain is still strong, and the following analysis:

encyclopedia dropped all extended reading, then, standing outside the chain of data I will also collapse, but from the moment I stood in the ranking, the site itself is no effect. In theory, suddenly withdrawn so many links, to a certain extent, have a negative impact on the site. Reference is the anchor text link, extended reading is linked with text links, it can be analyzed that the latter regarding the website function less obvious.

The The

chain has a good encyclopedia, is able to attract a lot of external traffic, the traffic from the 10% encyclopedia, very impressive. From Wikipedia and over the flow of high quality, usually PV ratio is higher than the other source of traffic.

of course, officials usually talk ambiguously, if according to the official statement, then the BBS signature of the chain should be no value, but do enterprise stand optimization know, high weight BBS signature is very useful, enough to meet the optimization of the enterprise stand, this is the way, return to love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the value of the chain, I think love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the chain for the website weight transfer not because plus nofollow as a weight transfer decrease, nor from the chain library love Shanghai removed this point, we can see the love of Shanghai webmaster tools back outside the chain of tools.


add the chain is very simple, as long as you add content is useful, substantial, then add a reference is not much risk. Unlike online say what trick, is to rely on resources.

three and later how to do outside the chain of

two, Encyclopedia of the meaning of the chain

I am not a professional, I occasionally give their website with several encyclopedia. There are hundreds of days and months multiplying, the chain, inside the chain and some extended reading, some reference is added. From the results, the ranking encyclopedia chain for my station is a great help.

The Encyclopedia of the Commissioner of the chain

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