Several forms of Witkey website development tasksshlf1314 Adsense payment has been issued

shlf1314 China called AdSense stop station misjudgment rate of not more than 1%

talk about the whole point of foreign traffic, do shlf1314 Adsense

 : please be good at practical search function of this station. A lot of good articles are hidden inside a man waiting to be discovered, sometimes can bring you a daughter!

representation: rank according to the number of tasks posted. Contribute to Witkey traffic and user concerns by publishing the number of tasks. The amount of sending a single task name. Ensure the quality of the task. Several comprehensive data can be used here

collaboration; some units associated with the task. The first is offline, such as graphic design company, website design company, etc.. The second is the online task related website, which does not conflict with the business form. For example, name, find some parenting website, some design consulting website. The rapid convergence of resources through a cooperative model. Rapid development. Capture the commanding heights of Witkey market.

Witkey websites are booming in china. In front of the time zhubajie wrote "pig Witkey network Witkey make rivers and lakes" mentioned in some form of Witkey website development.

    National Day approaching, shlf1314 Adsense finally issued, you can catch up with the National Day holiday in the early bank to cash their efforts for a month, on behalf of the vast number of webmaster thank shlf1314 Adsense.

is currently the Three Kingdoms. But there are a lot of mobile wallet, the market received the potential entrants. At present, some Witkey websites are also making great efforts to develop. Can be expected in the next 1-2 years, the winner will see the outcome of Witkey market.

‘s angry cry: questions about the shlf1314 AdSense China team

sort out some recent articles on Adsense:

The premise of

partners is: offline companies, cost savings.

latest shlf1314 Adsense application method

Witkey website mainly has traffic, there are enough users. Low cost design solutions are available. These characteristics are to enable cooperation to achieve win-win goal.

The goal of the

Witkey website is to get the job. There are several possible ideas for getting a job:

function system: developing a function similar to "creating team". Cooperative companies can be created freely or created by webmasters.

3 collaboration model

The premise of cooperation between

1 cooperative object

Witkey website cooperation is: in order to obtain the task.

1. A single user submits a task. This form of business is online, and A needs to design a logo. In the pig quit online job. This form is the main source of the task of Witkey websites. Mainly on line.

two, through cooperation, get the task. For example, by working with a local design company. The design company releases the design through a web site assignment. And the web site gets the job. Such long-term and stable cooperation will bring infinite strength to the development of the website. But the current drawback is that the site provides only a single company’s thematic channels, or publish channels, or through similar tasks as a single user. Such a treatment impedes the development of the form of "cooperation, access to tasks". Increased development costs. Solve this problem, you can refer to the current network of some of the cases for analysis and resolution.

online website, expanding the popularity of the website. Add a profit model.

2 premise of cooperation

The object of an

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