Love Shanghai as long as the user experience of these elements and the significance of Shanghai Drag

1, snapshot

official: "meta key> LEE

LEE love Shanghai "has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, whereas the lower. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update."


issued a statement in the love of Shanghai, all of the basic weight adjustment and anti cheating mechanism cannot do without the user experience. Talk about the user experience is not wrong, because the user experience is the site of the target, and the goal of search engine. Shanghai Longfeng development so far, many Shanghai Longfeng elements are optimized as the optimization method and reference value. These elements are in love with the sea now deny the role and significance of reference and optimization of

Although the

said, but in fact very big. Write a good label, is very important to improve the web site in the search engine’s entry rate. I love Shanghai for writing advertisements, Shanghai dragon should also focus on this label role. First of all description tags will be displayed directly on the search page description, as long as you describe the user can grasp, even if you are not in the first row, but also can improve the rate of entry point. On the other hand, in the search, and search keywords in description tags inside the same words, will also be able to add red, very eye-catching to attract the user’s attention. We all know that the site in the higher rate, will improve the site in the search engine rankings. So even if the description tag can not directly affect the weight of the website, but also from the side effect to the weight of the website ranking.


love Shanghai in exchange links in a snapshot as an important standard to judge the weights of the website. Now after being denied, whether there is a reference value. I personally feel that there is indeed not even snapshot snapshot, but a constantly updated and healthy website snapshot are generally in recent days. This can also be seen from the side with degree of the site’s webmaster, you do not want to talk to a day not update, hung there website Links. And the site with the weight will also enrich the content gradually increased. In any case, the snapshot update frequently is really meaningful. So, as the Shanghai dragon, really should not fall under the reference standard.

3, keywords

2, description

love Shanghai search engine optimization guide "description is not a reference factor weight calculation, this tag does not affect the existence of" weight, will only do search for a target selection results summary".

?The reference value of

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