Shanghai dragon diagnosis case wonderful download station just three months on 3 weight quickly 0

let A5 be happy is a marketing "of various types made in 2014 in the download station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and its effect on growth, quickly let our customers are very satisfied with the" remember 14 years in the second half of the A5 marketing share 3-4 station in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis case, which is included in the download breakthrough: win7 download, APP download, APP download mobile phone TV, download software, then there are many download station to come to the consultation and diagnosis and successful A5 marketing cooperation. So, the success of A5 marketing also adds a lot of classic case. However, today to share this download station case weight has been 1, optimized for a long time did not improve, the webmaster in A5 marketing done Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and execution, for less than three months to put the website weight to weight 3 ", is now growing so! Today to share as a webmaster optimized reference

This is

in order to protect customers’ privacy, we can not accurately broke the customer specific website address, but every case of customer, are real

diagnosis: Download Station weight one year, continued in the weights of 1 and 2, unable to break through continued ascension. In the diagnosis for 15 years at the beginning of January.


! customers!

share is the miracle of the case, the company’s Web site from the site to January this year, the weight has remained at 1, occasionally volatility jumped to 2, but every two or three days and return to weight 1, it changes back and forth. Results: the boss can not stand, so let the person in charge of online optimization chemists, see what can let the site weight, flow rate, ranking up to now, otherwise half alive website is not to create revenue. On the other hand, the problem is the person in charge of site optimization of Shanghai dragon is not very good at and simply modify the template and send the chain, write some articles, if all rely on them to optimize the site, really do not know the God knows how long can promote weight.

: they finally in the A5 Adsense nets saw an article on the download station in Shanghai is the "dragon diagnosis case before sharing some cases" see content sharing after feeling good play! So the enterprise qq:800017899 consulting Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services. In addition, because the optimization of the company in charge of people often read the article in A5, so the A5 brand awareness, reputation and technical content is very understanding. So, after consulting the soon successful marketing and A5 cooperation. Then, when the A5 marketing will Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report submitted to the proposal for your company, the person in charge of admiration and said: this book explains the Shanghai dragon diagnosis problem show the site, but also the most incisive solution is given. But this program let me see the previous error on site optimization and optimization to no place. Finally, after the serious implementation of the diagnostic report, website weight for less than three months rose rapidly to 3 of the weight of

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