5 strategies to optimize the use of resources of the construction site outside the chain

The contents of the forum

release is the key strategy two.

"content is king" is the everlasting truth is the theme of the times, if we just blindly to copy and paste content from other sites, as can be imagined the forum included must be miserable without see. The forum information release, must be original, or >

, a strategy to pay more attention to popular forum, diligent update.

said the forum, you may have more or less Shanghai dragon Er all know, forums and other resources (blog, classification of information platform, etc.) compared with active forum strong, targeted and timely interaction advantage, forum resources are relatively rich but really popular forums or numbered, such as Tianya, love Shanghai, Post Bar mop贵族宝贝, Phoenix community forum, forum, Admin5, Sohu, Shanghai dragon why these forums if you can get reasonable use, so we publish information forum, as long as enough, good enough is absolutely can do is "second" effect, so that not only can guide the search engine to increase our optimization site search efforts, but also to optimize the site we bring considerable traffic. So, in the resource selection and update, we recommend Shanghai Longfeng webmaster to relevant screening work and updating of detailed planning in advance, adequate and reasonable use of these large, popular forums.

update the search engine algorithm has become a major focus of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, since October 23rd Shanghai love web search anti cheating team issued a notice about love Shanghai update algorithm in Shanghai Webmaster Platform (the main object to combat the intention of manipulating website in Shanghai love search results ranking by hyperlinks cheating behavior the way. After many Shanghai dragon) webmasters have proposed that content is king will become the mainstay industry in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, outside the chain for the emperor era is about to become history, personally, I don’t think the chain for the emperor’s era has been eliminated, because the core search engine optimization is a center two basic points". The so-called change is not among them, no matter how again love Shanghai algorithm change, I think it is always just around the core of the optimization variable in the. The search engine oriented service group is the majority of users, and the user experience level is the touchstone for testing the quality of search engine. In the era of network marketing, if you do not know how to promote your products, I think you will lose a lot of users, your products are not bigger and stronger, even if I want to search engine is no exception. Search engine marketing is a part of the network marketing, search engine marketing, the most important is to improve the keywords ranking is search engine optimization. There is a view of "content is king, the chain for the emperor as a supplement, both are indispensable". The construction of the chain as a basic search engine optimization, today we have to discuss about the 5 strategies of resource use forum website optimization in the construction of the chain.

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