The breakdown of new new home love sea six changes

(Shanghai heart

: love will change Shanghai weather forecast

six: sign… >…

(new "new home" love sea)


fell in love with the sea of new "new home" gave me the first impression is of a similar music radio frame – love Shanghai can listen. Through the love of Shanghai can listen users can listen to music in the Shanghai home of love. The two day before Lenovo’s MP3 Ting, the integration of Shanghai and other products for the love of music in Shanghai, it was for the love of Shanghai music draw users.

after 11 years in September released a new home after love Shanghai, I love Shanghai new home has been in use. In this year, the new home of the Shanghai love change is very small (site navigation adds an automatic classification function in this day, imperceptibly) Shanghai new home finally ushered in a big change.

page increases the sports sector in the content, is currently only available in football (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A) aspects, believe that soon, basketball and other sports information can also be added. Look at these frames, in addition to the schedule, and above the hot column, recommended a number of related sites, including live.


five: popular games to enter the home page

for the lottery lottery information The new


three: love Shanghai also pay attention to sports

love to listen to)


adds the next two days the weather in the top navigation. You can add content to find comprehensive bar city weather add below new Shanghai love home.

is perhaps the domestic lottery number is too large, the new home of the love of Shanghai is also added to the lottery bar, the user can choose the home add Shuangseqiu lottery, and a series of lottery results.


sports, music and other functions, of course not missing another game – a hot field. Fall in love with the sea of new "new home" game bar added, including Cross Fire League, six popular game information. Like sports plate, is a popular web site recommendation.



(MP3 music)

change two: love Shanghai sing

four: added

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