Shanghai Longfeng workplace experience first season a green hand

The meaning of the

Shanghai dragon has many "unspoken rule" in the workplace, as a green hand you should not only learn knowledge but also to understand the Shanghai dragon, the "unspoken rule", how to get along well with colleagues? How can you from the "master" learn more things here? Stone to say: for some experience a veteran who, would you like to share your experience and experience? This is very important, not willing to share the Shanghai dragon Er I don’t think there is much progress, because you share is also in summing up experience. So for graduate students to learn better and faster? Stone Shanghai Longfeng workplace limited experience, help you summarize the following points. I hope to help you.

a moment, our Shanghai dragon has been more than a year. Before and many graduate students for the future is very confused, but also contact Shanghai Longfeng because of a job for life. I don’t know what a green hand at that time, here to thank the first Shanghai dragon of my colleagues: Wang Hang, although is not my master, but it is the first to teach me how to send the chain, the chain appears to be simple, but there is also a lot of operating experience, especially is how to keep the blog. A stone hit to do things more careful, in him really learned a lot. Maybe you are now entering a stone and had the same network company promotion personnel, in the face of Shanghai dragon should start from zero. So there must be someone to teach you how to do Shanghai dragon, the most basic is generally from the construction of the chain began.

things are the same, do not know to ask. But it should also see the object, it must first and your "master" relationship, and then to ask. Otherwise it is easy to make people feel tired, but not what to ask, some love about Shanghai You’ll see. knowledge, I suggest you go to ask the love of Shanghai. Until now there are many in Shanghai Longfeng friend will not use search engines, or is not accustomed to using the Internet to learn things. In fact, a good learning website can learn a lot of knowledge, Shanghai dragon WHY is suitable for beginners to learn Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, A5 and Chinaz.

second: three of us are walking together there must be my teacher


‘s friends and colleagues, but there are not many such opportunities, but you can start in the reality work colleagues began to engage in Shanghai Longfeng connections can not be ignored resources. Shanghai dragon = skill + attitude + contacts, and contacts must be in the usual accumulation and maintenance, just contact Shanghai dragon you must humbly ask for advice.

: the first Bright as is fond of studying. Buchixiawen.No matter what

third: Shanghai dragon "workplace unspoken rule"

of the unspoken rule everybody knows, when you master his own understanding of the knowledge and experience of Shanghai dragon will share with you, will you? Some people will not take your teacher "