Do website optimization clarifying Shanghai dragon real utility can be better

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from the development situation in recent years, Shanghai has become the site of the dragon is the only way which must be passed domain name registration to the site, regardless of profits cannot do without Shanghai Longfeng utility, but there are some owners will be Shanghai dragon as jiumingcao website optimization, one-sided view to Shanghai dragon is to do site keywords ranked first, when you optimize your website also hold this idea, then I tell you: wrong and wrong. Do Shanghai dragon real utility is not for ranking, but it should be possible for the website to attract users, retain more users, so it is really Shanghai dragon.

Based on the actual

in the design of web pages on this point, I always adhere to the idea is simple, no matter what kind of website, concise and effective should be the foundation website survival, concise and effective can let users find the first time they need program, simple and effective can help improve the speed of the page load users, concise full coverage effective allows more users to view, search to reduce user fatigue. At this point many websites are not done, part of the site too many ads, some website promotion is too wide, and the website even forced pop ads, in the face of this situation, your site is not.

.The different elements of ?

remember this simple hao123 web site navigation? This website is not very strange, with the technology of the site is not very magical, but it is such a website is successful, why? Because this site to identify the real Shanghai dragon, the needs of most users to collect. Together, and then form a navigation website, a little publicity user uninvited, do this step your website Shanghai dragon is the complete and accurate Shanghai dragon. So for an ordinary webmaster speaking, how can we identify their best website Shanghai dragon force do website optimization work?

, do the most simple but meet the needs of users of

industry site facing is not the same, which leads to the needs of users and user resources in different sites are facing is not the same, at this time as a webmaster only based on their actual site, from a practical point of view, the best and most correct work. For example: your site is associated with the graduate class, then enter the site must be related to the postgraduate examination crowd, in the face of the crowd, the most simple things we have to do is to search for the relevant postgraduate examination data, and then organize these data and archive, in consultation to answer some graduate students the correlation between these two problems, do your site doesn’t worry about popularity, and we observe most of the current postgraduate class website, we see the long version of the master suck, the entire site or forum in unattended forums, website information is not, how can such a website how to do a good job in Shanghai Phoenix, what to retain users

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