Public brush number based on the content of WeChat’s entrepreneurial prospects slightly bleak

in the most popular time for WeChat to the public, so many public number the number of public financing, valuation so much the news had put our ears out of the cocoon.


at that time, I had this doubt: WeChat public number of cattle, but is also dependent on the WeChat platform, reins in micro Xinshou, you these WeChat public number is at best a "temporary", or the life or death, is not a word about Tencent


later, to see a saying: "you are not cattle, cattle platform!"

this argument, let me even more firmly on the WeChat public number of the spirit of the crisis attitude. Because you are on WeChat even temporary residence permits are not the "temporary" WeChat! If you do not want your arrogance, everything is nothing! What’s more, some dark operation mode of WeChat public number, is already an open secret in the industry.

indeed, as part of WeChat public number amount of brush was revealed, and belongs to the "exposes scandalous" type of disclosure, once the public number of gray WeChat incomparable scenery.

actually, I am more willing to believe that the disclosure of the number of WeChat public brush is more like a different kind of clean up the portal". Because, you do no good, if you do not follow the principle of Tencent, WeChat does not comply with the rules, then WeChat only need a little bit more careful, you may ruin "". Is not no way you, but too lazy to you!

when some people busy to defend themselves, some people are busy to disassociate themselves, some people to reach a goal, when some people gloat, in my opinion, the contents of the public number based on the WeChat business prospects have a slightly dim


because, with the number of WeChat public brush amount of this open secret is put on the table, some predictable situation is likely to occur. At the beginning of the primitive accumulation of capital is very easy to start the content of the business, the future will become a difficult task in the standardization of the reshuffle.

may be the first: business public relations will have to re-examine the WeChat public number advertising channels.


, most of the commercial promotion not completely understand corporate bosses, for those tens of thousands of reading WeChat public advertising is satisfied. Because they don’t understand. WeChat, the public advertising channels, more is the best way to become the enterprise public relations "cross".

when the shady been lifted, layman can understand this, then the bosses would like to repeat previous "silly money" and "story"? I think it will be difficult to.

business public relations will have to re-examine the WeChat public number this advertising channel. And the public life of WeChat will be no longer the scenery of the


second: shady been lifted, enterprises will be the commercial fraud claims


I can’t say how much

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