n March 1st the new keyword ranking experimental analysis

2, we do keywords is to calculate the cost (the cost is far below our cost, such words, can be called effective keywords)

, effective Three, give an example of

statistical tool


XXX brand mobile phone

four, analysis of the cause of the collected

is the general keywords, the key is certain. On time, just 4 weeks post time: January 26, 2011 Shanghai ranked love time: 2011-2-13

if it is to buy a product, the word so that the search engine in Shanghai, love the first page or the top of the word, let the user enter the website, generate traffic, resulting in a conversion rate.

2. flow is small, the number is very high, and even most of the words have not been excavated.

5. flow page is usually the article page, column page, page TAG.

love Shanghai and other noble baby search "Google statistics tool"

1. often is 2-3 words, phrases or even longer than normal.

two, long tail keywords feature

6, the degree of competition is very low (when we dig out, these keywords to find the competition degree is very low, it is easy to do. The conversion rate can produce order, can become a reality in the business order)

love Shanghai search


3. occupies the entire site traffic proportion of about 60%-90%.

Xxx introduces XXX mobile phone brand mobile phone brand price xxx xxx brand mobile phone brand mobile phone the birth time of the routine use of XXX brand mobile phone guide with maintenance (more content, more detailed, more conducive to ranking)

1, the content must be rich (should each specific description of the long tail keywords)

The characteristics of long tail keywords:

2, not too much (will reduce the speed of opening, the website will reduce the page open speed > page

to search keywords love Shanghai want to do all of the content, the collected these contents are the organic combination and adjust the height, height of the pseudo original form.

1, the conversion rate of

Give an example of

when a website can tap the 10-20 key words, these words do go up, over time, the short time of 2-4 weeks to do, (short tail keywords effect) will form a conversion rate of.

4. long tail keywords competition is relatively small, easy to do in Shanghai dragon ranking.

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