Promotion forum to enhance the user registration series two

series is about how to find these users as well as the needs of this group of users to find. Now the question is: to find people can ensure that they are of course not your users?. So we have to circle the user, so that they can always be our real users. The method I use here is to add QQ friends and establish QQ group. How do

second, the active group of

The QQ group?First, ?

group to promote constructionGroup your Promotion Forum There are a lot of active

that is already in the second points mentioned above, when the user is asked a question, just in your forum is an essay like this. Can you recommend him to see this article. Or do you think very classic very good article can also push.

group and

group benefits, such as improved group of keywords ranking, can also set up the authority to make people believe you, as long as the trust after work will be done. Of course, I’m not doing bad things. How active group


will not automatically added to the people inside, so when the construction of group I specifically applied for a QQ and a lot of users with the industry. The group built after my friend invited them to join the group, so that they can make a group of one base group. No population few people would be willing to come in, even if the added will find few people in this group for a long period of time would not speak in the group. Early in my own not only invited a number of friends, also let my management invited some friends come in, so start to get nearly 100 people. The foundation can be extended, so I went to the corresponding Post Bar promotion friends. Before that I have learned the Capitol, the number of active Post Bar nearly real users, and the activity is very high. So I extend nearly a week in Post Bar, every post reply invitation plus group. Of course Post Bar promotion is a skill, if there is no skill to do it will be deleted or prohibit the publication of information. A week later another group number reached more than 300, after also need to continue to promote? If you have time can be extended, no time not generalize. You can rely on users to join the group ranking.

when there are a large number of users in future, there will be a lot of people ask questions. Because you said we all learn from each other, a master can answer the question. So when people ask questions you must answer it, in the early establishment of the 80% group problems to solve, unless you don’t see. What if not? Can love Shanghai ah, then put your search to answer user @ tell him how to solve. Or you can ask the other master and use a small group to seek solutions to other questions. If you can in your forum this article can also recommend users to see, not only solved the problem of promoting the forum. Here must pay attention to the things that cannot be private chat users, we must answer the question directly in the group. You can use screenshots answer can also answer in the form of @.

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