Through the analysis of soft paper to achieve the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

the role of soft, which help to optimize the website of Shanghai Longfeng is only one in the soft efficiency, but also need to know how to do, even wrote a very good article, if the corresponding operation method is not correct, it will greatly weaken the function of soft Wen so, want to improve the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, it is more difficult to achieve! A few tips below the author to analyze the text to optimize the website.

text content should be linked to their website content, such as the site is JACK&JONES brand monopoly store, then writing the contents should relate to the JACK&JONES store or JACK&JONES keyword, JACK&JONES keyword in the title of the soft, soft, and the inside of the small title will have a long tail keywords corresponding JACK&JONES. Such as JACK&JONES JACK&JONES where to buy? How much money and so on, text content to write real nature, should not be the simple straightforward ads, but the kind of helpful content to consumers.

three: soft release also.

: soft site optimization is a long process of

Now many of the webmaster soft

function generally there is a misunderstanding, that is to write a website weight up two article text, keywords ranking up, so desperately through a variety of platforms for hardcore soft writing master to create a super optimal utility of the soft, but it is often difficult to to reach your goal, even buy the soft, just released a two article, it is very difficult to achieve the weights of the website promotion.

soft in Shanghai dragon website optimization, is definitely not easy to get high quality site outside the chain so simple, but through the flow of import, by reducing the website bounce rate, increase user clicks, enrich the content of the website, so you can put the high weight website fundamentally related keywords can also get the essence of the ascension, because now the search engine algorithm has pay more attention to user voting weights, in other words, a web site traffic, the jump rate is low, "for a long time, it shows that this website more popular with users of love, so in love with the sea and search engine will recommend, the corresponding website ranking will be

site optimization is a long process, just like riding a boat behind, so the use of soft paper website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, also has a battle for the long term, even if even one day their site ranking to love Shanghai home, it can not think of their own success, too can only say that the success in the next stage, if you do not stick to it, you will still have the website ranking of the risk of falling. So in the use of soft paper to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, should adhere to a week to release three to four pieces of high quality soft wen. This is the first soft core optimization.


two: text content and their website content should be between

There are many

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