Forum signature of Shanghai dragon really useful or not

A5 because of restrictions on the forum signature words, I have to put many links so, then there is love in Shanghai included such a domain name, so from this phenomenon, we can get the following conclusions:


In 2013 My

signature is a way to promote the promotion of Shanghai dragon is often used, all of the signature function is Public opinions are divergent. Some people say that the signature has no effect, love Shanghai for signature has been adjusted; and some people say that the signature or work, because it is a chain, spiders can still climb to the…… This series of answers, but we are a lack of conclusive evidence to prove the signature effect, a phenomenon the author encountered:

2, Shanghai dragon must promote the absolute address: as above, if you use absolute address, there is a way to avoid the phenomenon.

3, ordinary text links have a role: before we do optimization promotion focus only on the hyperlink, actually search engine for ordinary text links is also useful.

1, the signature or signature of some: before we almost gave up, actually the signature or some role, but according to the different weights of the forum, the size is different.


is very puzzling, although I have a domain name to do the analytical, and above IIS is bound to an empty domain, but the domain name I have really no analysis, no promotion, no optimization, but love why Shanghai included this domain? I think, I think in the A5 forum signature seems to have such links, then open the A5 forum, to find the signature file, see the results. Figure:

this morning I check the site, not directly found this included, as shown in figure

, we do Shanghai Longfeng should pay more attention to the details, because the details determine success or failure, let us with love Shanghai jump to do Shanghai Longfeng, 2013 in Shanghai Longfeng on the road to do better. In this paper the author Henan network (贵族宝贝yuduxx贵族宝贝/) small Adidas, the view of the article are original, for reprint articles, please indicate the source, thank you


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