Examples of common errors analysis of small and medium sized enterprises station optimization

content and long tail word

The word around




the second weight enterprise station Co., to do the long tail words, can be filled.

also, I also found a pile of Changsha counterparts "area + products" at the bottom of the website, although the website in search of Xiangtan parking lock, ranked in the top three home page. But the main keywords almost no ranking, it is the establishment of specialized lost watermelon.

The optimization of

, a keyword stuffing

enterprise station in the optimization keywords, in the content construction will play into this misunderstanding. The content is yellow, refers to the quality of the content is useful to the user. Not the entire site filled with XXX and how to improve the sales of "XX", build the first domestic brand "marketing articles. The parking lock this website, made the content and update error.

summary: relatively speaking, no keyword density words appear important position, then the entire page correlation are far more than the important keyword density. The optimization of the enterprise stand, really not necessary at the top and bottom of the copyright area stack keywords, is likely to be counterproductive.

2, the long tail word


has been a very long time service enterprises, combined with the optimization of their site and peer site, to talk about some misunderstanding of the idea of the enterprise stand optimization. Not much less similar to the home page map text, page flash, frame structure and so on these.

is used to do the correct use of disaster caused by flooding water, plus effect of ranking. The author observed a few car parking lock company website, found the love stack keywords. The most typical is the top, the bottom of the copyright area piled up the main keywords, as shown below.

counterparts at the bottom of a pile of product keywords, which are counterproductive, I love to see the site Shanghai flow was only 1. compared to almost no search over the flow.

1, the content of direction and frequency of updates


I think the long tail word theory more suitable for some stations, such as Alibaba, 58 city and other similar sites. The small and medium-sized enterprise station hundreds of pages, then how to do the long tail, the traffic is very small. Dedicated parking spaces such as the author of the two or three lock keyword index, you get home, and then use the channel page optimization related words of low difficulty basically is almost the same.

update frequency for the enterprise, to see competitors, and determine its content and the enterprise website. As the old station, basically a week to update a, but still maintain a good ranking.

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