Google search under the penguin inappropriate link building list

If you want to

if you suddenly raised the number of link building sites within a short period of time, the Google Penguin appears all this is a pile of garbage, not free from punishment.

Many other unrelated websites appeared on the website

keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon will usually put the main keywords and links to a page, a form of anchor text, such as the character signature used in the forums, for keywords ranking, this is an effective way, but for these links often can see dofollowed, Google included the signature in the link, it becomes an inbound link attraction, and therefore Google has become the goal of punishment on the illegal website.

link building, not only to set a specific link for each link, and ensure the quality of the link building to meet our needs. For example, post a link in a blog post, we must first ensure that news should be targeted, but also to ensure that the news content is valuable, this is a successful link building with content.

using a specific anchor text to create the site of inbound links, so that the operation is too artificial too frequently appears in Google, but if the use of a variety of forms such as: link through image links, links, broad match keywords or "click here" text, perhaps more can attract the attention of the user, and it is it has not violated the penalty clause in Google.

The success of the

3, in the site

site? There are evil neighbor

sidebar, this clearly was made to challenge Google.

website in the frequently updated algorithm is still in an invincible position, then the "improper" link should exist in your

In order to improve the

2, for a specific keyword set link



Google penguin, compared to the previous algorithm to update the webmaster confusion, it is mainly aimed at the site in the "non natural link", what is "non natural link"? Shanghai dragon industry with industry experience has been for the algorithm to update a list as "link feature list.


1, excessive acquisition link

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