Analysis of water market is feasible in Shanghai dragon blog

I have said before, now social media blog is not hot, everyone’s focus has not in it, even micro-blog is everyone’s click rate is far higher than the blog, so in the market downturn, to their blog is no longer a famous play is easy now, because the blog does not have the public drainage, if you want to get good rankings or ideal flow can only rely on the content of the blog itself. Speaking of which, to write new content website mentioned, this is we do blog need to pay attention to, because in this environment, the blogger writing must be clear about the direction of their own, try to create your own blog brand, on the creative direction to share some meaningful things, such as you do the XX city of Shanghai dragon + keywords, then you have to share some of the industry’s front-end information and experience sharing, the only way to let others pay attention to you, if you are too popular, then the other would rather go to the A5 will not subscribe to your web site.

yesterday as usual to the pine brother blog circle, is still read the recommended articles inside, one article said the teacher Lu for three years of life blog summary, there is bitterness, harvest, of course is more hope. Of course, today’s blog is no longer around 2009 so hot, but still have a lot of friends through the blog to test the market to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon names + blog form to win a certain network order, this way is feasible, but now the blog management difficulty as we all know, the widespread attention in the loss of social situation next, many bloggers will no longer update your blog, but not the audience’s blog is very difficult in the search traffic on a, unless you like Lu Songsong, the Shanghai dragon or network marketing has its own unique insights into real. So if you really try Shanghai dragon before the market, you should overcome some external obstacles.


on the blog content execution problemsThe

blog and website, long-term needs of the original content, and according to the latest statistics, a TechnoratiTOP100 blog, to be at least three years time to build. So in this three years, we will continue to update the content, but this time the blogger’s willpower is particularly important. Because it is undeniable that there are some friends with a tentative attitude contact blog site, and every day to write 10 articles of work, I think any one station will be frowned, and unlike the blog website, you can also have some business, blog must around their writing themes marketing, as Lu Songsong blog, around the network marketing to write a full three years of things, this is no one would like to make money through the blog owners need to face and learn to blog execution and willpower.

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