Links cheating customers

black in the exchange of stationmaster of a lot of my second days Links after the link is removed, the purpose is to let the search engine crawlers mistaken for one-way Links, given higher weight.

solution: after the success of the other and exchange Links, open the other website source code, then enter your domain name in the search bar, to see if there is no display, if that should be a detailed examination, whether the "unknown" means.

four is a common "unknown" cheating, of course, does not rule out some relatively high technological content of cheating, but as long as when exchanging Links attention more than four kinds, basically can effectively avoid falling into the trap of black head.

fourth: remove the

this code is similar to JS calls, on the site seems on the surface is very normal, but when the website source code, but also does not show the link.

solution: open the other website source code, see Links use Iframe code to call, if it is not with this kind of site exchange, because is not any weight transfer.

solution: only the diligent daily check Links situation can effectively avoid this phenomenon.

JS: the first call to

This paper comes from 贵族宝贝hycf.n> Use

using JS to call the Links bar displayed on the page from the web site, although on the surface is shown Links, but in the form of call Links is search engine crawler grab, general flicker novice webmaster is relatively easy, because many novice webmaster even view the source code, do not understand.

tag is to tell the search engine spiders, this link is no need to transfer the weight, so when the search engine spiders crawl web content, will add Nofollow tag links shielded, but many webmaster do not understand the meaning of the tags, so this "unknown" means more common.

Links has a very big help to improve website weight, and one-way Links effect is better, because of this, there are so many webmaster want to through the "unknown" means to obtain one-way links, here to introduce what are what means.

second: Nofollow tag

This means that the

solution: open the other website source code, enter "Nofollow" to search in the search bar, such as the emergence of the label, to see whether the shielding Links address every day, if it is not recommended, and this kind of station exchange links.

at any time

third: Iframe code

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