Savior or leader Jiang Hui will create the Li Yang Crazy English WangzhuanTo solve the confusion of

like Li Yang and Jiang Hui, perhaps destined to be people on the crown of the teacher’s title, although they never trained teachers, although they are the same to the teacher was a student.

              do Wangzhuan, promotion is essential, not to pull off the assembly line that money alone is not enough you pay fee, and there are a lot of Wangzhuan not to pull off the assembly line is no income. So we ignore any rules of the forum like crazy in the forum to post top stick, which is caused by the root causes of disorder in Wangzhuan forum.

what is the most hated thing on the Internet right now? I think the first is the yellow website, which teaches bad children, not to mention the virus. The second is the browsing experience difference did not Wangzhuan forum. Yellow website said, do not look at it, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum? People’s attitude to it as the parents for their children good-for-nothing.

age and fame, from students to work turned teacher

is a name, all of a sudden Wangzhuan people crazy spread: Jiang Hui. Some people hate the others as a savior, the newcomers 16 years ago and the rush to learn English as a smug, as well as bolted Duolu — which is not the same, he was more than Li Yang young, more crazy.

just this year, Li Yang, founder of Crazy English, was admitted to Lanzhou University’s engineering mechanics major.

why is this happening? For many reasons, first of all should be said that all people wangzhuan.

do Wangzhuan learning experience to pull off the assembly line, cannot do without the Wangzhuan forum, people want to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum can give to meet our expectations, but it is good-for-nothing Wangzhuan forum, the owners relied on it we need to provide a platform and unscrupulous, people feel make rape net.

the last century, 90s, to be exact, was 1994. At that time, a storm blows, then swept through years of reform and opening up gradually with the world full contact, Chinese.

two men across the two generational legend, to adapt to the world outlook. Separated by 16 years, and saw a difficult to end the SHOW.

then Wangzhuan forum itself. Wangzhuan forum is mostly personal Webmaster Station, a small station personal energy is limited, good time management, big is not so much. This is a helpless, in fact, is a very irresponsible behavior, since it is necessary to build the station, it is necessary to build the station, to visitors the best browsing experience, build a garbage station, in addition to making a few money, but also how much significance?.

is now a lot of people do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and all people are forced to face two problems: learning and promotion.

now, the heat had called from the English had gradually become acute fever people used social ills; learn how to test the two never seems to solve the problem of the English cast China education industry chain is an enormous market; and this business once taught English into business in the staking, day in and day out do not know how Li Yang and Yu Minhong ‘achievements.

1986, this year, Jiang Huicai was just born.

any one who will not let go I think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, why? Because in Wangzhuan forum you can solve two problems of learning and generalization. But now look at the forum, there is not a single advertising flying all over the sky. You want to advertise it also can do, if you want to learn some useful things to Wangzhuan, you have to be patient in a big push for silly like gold in advertisement.

before that, as a result of academic excellence

Mr. Lu Xun has a famous saying: "wasting people’s time is in for his money." In order to enter the website for what, that’s me, looking for some useful things for themselves, but we first see is advertising. To tell you the truth, the quality of these webmaster is worth our contempt. Usually when I listen >

. This confusion was first attributed to you this Wangzhuan people, here I want to say is the webmaster Wangzhuan forum has done. I say you go to sh419 to fly into a rage, search forum, almost half of the time, the site is open to see the full screen ads, your eyes are flashing flowers, put down the page over a screen to see the forum, and banner ads every time you open a forum page advertising, are down double screen.

is an English Wangzhuan, much younger than the tipping point. In the online gold rush, originally, of course, only a small number of IT people with technology mixed meal of the sale, when the word "webmaster" in the general Internet users may be described as far away and sacred. But the real Chinese Internet Wangzhuan era, began in the understand such people, they get the webmaster myth burst naturally or half unconsciously, as speculation technology trading. The market can always find a businessman, and these suitors are doomed to be gradually competition Lek: from universal wanpiao make die, it seems to be a time to wake up.

the storm was called crazy English, or Li Yang’s Crazy English, to be exact". Yes, for many people, born in 80s 70, it did not seem a distant memory: when he was only 25 years old Li Yang founded "the long 20 years of education brand Li Yang Crazy English, high school and college students too many to count from that moment that all adults have joined the" the carnival of the 300 million Chinese speak fluent English "at the end of the century, it is from the moment of" Crazy English "it to the fire again also cannot do without" Li Yang "this attribute, it is a fire burning for 16 years.

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