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Freya Lim: I’m glad to have the chance to participate in the activities of NetEase, I’ll correct it, tenderness is not 20 thousand, is now 2 million 200 thousand users, there should be more than half of all areas of the Internet, there might be many entrepreneurs in the above active, whether it is hiring or looking for work and investment are very easy to find, welcome you try.

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Gojee is an art – based cookbook sharing site that currently extracts content from more than 300 independent gourmet blogs, and all the information is carefully chosen. With its many oversized pictures, Gojee is also called the full screen version of Pinterest".

, the company is now considering adding some new features, including sorting out what you like, or allowing users to upload pictures themselves.

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for entrepreneurship, Freya Lim frankly, this is a very lonely process. From the previous technical background Sogou, step by step to the direction of self employment workplace social, and their team and spent a lot of loneliness and tangled moments.


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NetEase Francisco workplace social tenderness CEO Freya Lim graduated from the Tsinghua University Department of computer, though his speech to uphold the fine tradition of rigorous Polytechnic male rational but still showing some usual to see the emotional side.

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Gojee home page is a huge gourmet high definition picture, very powerful,



Gojee in July this year completed the first round of $2 million 800 thousand financing, investors InterWest Partners.

users demand in many scenes and atmosphere to solve is the most should pay attention to things, and in order to achieve this goal, the team will need to have their own good grasp of rhythm products in various stages of the layout and improve the user experience.

today’s theme is "feelings", but I am a background of science and engineering background, but I don’t have any feelings. To tell you some of my own things, first I think entrepreneurship is a lonely process, then do Sogou input method, the browser Sogou out of their own business, even if is such a process, when I want to solve the work demand business in 2012 has not found such a point, we the final choice until the end of 2013 the workplace. This road is not very good, because many people are not successful, we entered this field began to explore, in fact, there are still many opportunities to find

iPad version is very similar to the way the site is used, but simply adds finger gliding. The smartphone version focuses more on the vertical experience, but is still similar to the overall style of the site.


Gojee URL: gojee/

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users can use web sites to browse recipes and get inspiration from super large pictures. Because the picture is large and clear, it gives a very strong sense of reality.

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Freya Lim believes that competition and rapid plagiarism are normal things, but the most important thing is whether you can do what you should do.

, which was founded in July 2011, initially wanted to offer users a tablet browsing experience similar to tablet computers, but started off with web pages at first. Since then, they have begun to study the way users interact with the service, as well as the use of preferences, and eventually launched iPhone, iPad and Android mobile applications on Wednesday.

is the most let Freya Lim expect is: from $100 million to $1 billion, and valuation may be over ten times in the year. The workplace related demand more and more users on the platform in tenderness was more than satisfied, is expected in the short term will enter the user growth phase.

is no tenderness blunders in the business direction, but in the financing and capital budget tensions even faster wages. Freya Lim suggests to everybody entrepreneur, how much money is gotten in early stage is more important, do not see oneself share is overweight.

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