How to run a manga web site

with the rise of anime websites, more and more webmasters are turning their attention to comic websites. Why are more and more webmasters interested in comics websites? Because the competition of comics websites is relatively small, and the PV of comic websites is amazing, they can get rich profits for the advertising station owners. Today I’ll show you how to run a manga web site.

first, choose a good domain name, easy to browse user memory. And the domain name as far as possible with the keyword we want to do. For example, we have to do a comic website, find a Manhua letter domain name to operate. Try not to use the old domain name, and now Baidu official did not explicitly explain in the end, the new domain name is good or old domain name is good. If the old domain name in the past to do is Baidu search engine trust, then congratulations, this old domain name is very good, on the contrary, if the other is illegal, pure collection content lead to the previous site is K or drop right, then use this kind of domain name do new, we will extend the website up time, is not conducive to the optimization of seo.

second, choose a good space. This is a prerequisite for the site to do well, there is no stable space is not favored by search engines and browse users. According to personal strength and decide, the space occupied by comics is generally large, you can choose Hongkong or domestic VPS server in the early stage, a few tens of dollars a month, and the speed is relatively fast.

third, site program selection. At present, the domestic cartoon program generally has the following categories. Sunny comics program (ASP), the imperial development of comics procedures, DEDE development of comics procedures, independent development of the station comics program. If the site is not much data, you can choose sunny comics program, pretty good, if the data is relatively large, it is recommended to use the imperial program development. Dede generates very slowly when the data is large.

fourth, access to web content. The webmaster can be based on the actual situation, the early stage can be appropriate to collect part of the comic data. The collected data must be processed to generate a static page. The content of the cartoon will be altered as much as possible. Try to get differentiated data from other comics sites, which is the highlight of our website. Usually can exchange group in the comic talk, there are many friends who love cartoons, animation enthusiasts can be obtained by means of communication of the original works released to his site, this site is an important factor in the later release.

fifth, advertise your website. Before then, make sure your website has been modified and promoted. There are many ways to promote websites: Submit search engine, popular forum posts with links to your web site, classified information outside the chain, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know QQ group, according to the needs of users to access the mailbox, these users to publish the right key and so on promotion, is conducive to the promotion of all user experience is feasible. Must not be able to use mass software bulk.

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