Website design rookie got 6 painful lessons

in 2007, the economic situation was excellent. Someone sent two to three web development requests every day, I’m awfully busy, could barely keep the progress of customer requirements.

I think it’s necessary to expand the size of the studio, so my brother and a friend are asked to come with me to do this little business.

they don’t have any experience in website development, but I think they can do it quickly.

next, I met my client, Bob.

Bob is a great guy. He has a great project in his hand. He is designing his own web site and needs a developer to help him write the site code on WordPress.

I wrote a summary that divided the project into three phases (design, programming, and integration to WordPress) and estimated the time for each phase. After we agreed on the price, I arranged the work and started to develop the project.

then, I started making mistakes that were very painful. Here are three of the most important mistakes:

gave the job to someone else – I gave it to my brother, who was a totally new kid (he’s a great designer now). I was busy communicating with clients and doing other projects, so I forwarded Bob’s mail to my brother every time. Sometimes I didn’t explain it. Sometimes I just comment a few words. I think there are problems when I help him on the line, when a project will learn by doing, is not


ignored the danger signal – we agreed on the project price, and Bob sent another email. He wrote his thoughts on the design draft, and gave a list of 14 other items on the site. What I should do at this time is to stop my work for the first time and think carefully about what should be added and what should not be added. But I was so busy, so I ignored the email and forwarded it directly to my brother. After that, I got the fortune (then read the article).

when it was time to stop, I chose to go on – suddenly my brother needed to leave. He needs to work for another company for a month. I immediately found another young man to help, and the man was inexperienced. I wrote to Bob saying that either he can refund it in full or that I need to spend some time training my newbie to continue the project. Bob said he could wait. I should stop then, give Bob the money back, and do everything that could save the project. Instead, I chose to continue. Serious error。

then, the young man had to leave. I paid him, and then he did the work. I think I can get this project done quickly and minimize the damage. Unfortunately, I’m in this

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