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Abstract: in January 9th, the focus of women’s entrepreneurship entrepreneurial workshop GirlUp announced that it has completed 17 million of Pre-A financing. Chinese women entrepreneurs research report shows that female entrepreneurship is becoming younger, 25 years of age accounted for the proportion of women aged -29 accounted for 40% of the survey.

she economy not only gave birth to the female consumer community, a group of outstanding female entrepreneurs tide, and have achieved good results.

beauty shop GirlUp was 17 million Pre-a round of financing

January 9th, focusing on women’s entrepreneurial beauty shop GirlUp announced that it has completed 17 million of Pre-A financing, the current round of investment by the Swiss capital, China and the United States and the European Union venture capital investment. Founded in July 2014, GirlUp has won, he Chang Huang Taiji Lenovo Zhu Yonghua, spring Chu seed investment, huge capital Yang Shoubin, JJ venture angel investment 1 million 450 thousand seed round and 5 million round of angel. GirlUp was founded in August 2014, more than 100 activities, and help the successful financing of more than and 50 female projects, such as Xiaoxian stew, rock me salad, babe, word meme etc.. At present, GirlUp has grown into the most active and highest quality women’s entrepreneurial community, linked to the line of nearly 50000 women entrepreneurs and the 1000 investment institutions.

17 million Pre-a for the current domestic boom boom boom, it is a relatively large financing. The cause of the incubator is divided into vertical female entrepreneurs, GirlUp is how to get the capital favor?

Ai Rui

GirlUp round of investors, said Yang Weiqing, the reason to invest in GirlUp because GirlUp created a new category of women entrepreneurs service and do the first. Also because of this less than 10 people and almost all of the girls team has a rapid execution.

The effects of

and other real estate property is a powerful incubator, GirlUp developed a more "light" models, mainly for entrepreneurs to provide investment funds, community products, financial services, daily activities of four kinds of training services. GirlUp project selection for 2 categories: the first category, the founder or partner, there is a woman; the second category, if it is a male founder, his entrepreneurial projects related to women’s industry.

GirlUp founding partner Lin told reporters on the road, at present, GirlUp main products are mainly specific media, FA and community three blocks. Supported by the WeChat public, the media will continue from the female perspective of entrepreneurship to produce more quality content; in terms of investment and financing services, GirlUp will invest in some seed customers, two are in the investment and financing services, will receive part of the Commission and equity; and community operation part is the most important part of GirlUp, in addition to regular activities and the training, GirlUp also plans to create the female entrepreneurs exclusive >

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