How migrant workers return home

with the development of the times, entrepreneurship is no longer just the dream of the city people choose. From the 80s of last century, a large number of surplus rural labor force to the coastal economic developed areas. Today, with the number of migrant workers to drum up, returning home entrepreneurial force growing. Especially affected by the financial turmoil last year, a large number of migrant workers in the city to return home. As of the Spring Festival in 2009, the city’s total number of migrant workers returning home 723 thousand people, of which the unemployed returned home to 132 thousand people, accounting for about 21% of the number of people returning home. At present, the reporter visited found that returning migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship is still facing a lot of confusion and difficulties.


confused two:


to make migrant workers master labor employment and proficiency in a particular line, the union organized free skills training carried out in the country. However, many migrant workers to learn a few days later, because the training is too boring and drop out of the. He Ping, one of the honest towns, is one of them. The 20 year old after he graduated from junior high school with the relatives of migrant workers, in recent years, because there is no wage income than to have proficiency in a particular line, the less a cousin. Before the Spring Festival, He Ping because they do not understand the technology, the company was first cut. Back home, He Ping determined to learn a technology and then go out to work. When he returned home, he learned that free training information, they will take the initiative to contact the training school, ready to learn welding. The first two days of school

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