NDRC innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples showed a good momentum of development

this year, innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples continued to show good momentum of development, has become China’s regional "13th Five-Year" to promote the development of new and old period of kinetic energy conversion, coruscate new vitality of economic connection is an important starting point.

, a management system to further improve the policy. Since the beginning of this year, the State Council issued a series of policies to promote the management of files. The "Shanghai system to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation to accelerate the construction of a global influence of science and technology innovation center" project (the [2016]23), in order to get rid of institutional obstacles as the main direction, promote Shanghai bold exploration and practice, to achieve major breakthroughs, reform and innovation play a leading role model. "On accelerating the development of the public record space service entity economic transformation and upgrading of the guidance" (issued [2016]7), with low cost, in order to promote the management of comprehensive and professional service, build research with a close connection with the public record space. The State Council executive meeting examined recent topics relevant policies and measures to promote the construction of double demonstration base, to form a group can be copied, can be extended to the management mode and the typical experience. These policy measures, will further fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the social subject, solve the problems of dual obstacles in the development of a good atmosphere, and guide the whole society to promote the formation of dual. Enhance the double policy influence, the United States released "Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Global Entrepreneurship annual report" said that in the government policy on business rankings, Chinese ranked 62 countries of the third monitoring.

at the same time, combined with the actual development of active exploration, scientific planning of the area, continue to thoroughly implement the national policy on double top design documents, management has shown a good momentum of crafting, and highlights the frequent All flowers bloom together. Such as the full implementation of the standardization of administrative examination and approval in Guangdong, and gradually achieve the same conditions for the same thing without distinction, to promote a one type, a net type convenient for government service management model. Anhui introduced policies to support the development of independent intellectual property rights of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization. Hebei city in Shijiazhuang province to speed up the big data, cloud computing, networking and mobile Internet integration development, build system of innovation network Internet plus entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial team to Small and micro businesses open platform entrance, computing, storage and data resources, promote the public record, Crowdsourcing, public support, to raise public mode innovation. Shanghai municipal government issued the revised "certain provisions" to encourage the students to come to Shanghai to work and entrepreneurship, focusing on Municipal Overseas Students Pioneer Park building for students to provide venture capital support and financing guarantee funds, guarantee funds for seed.

two is the rapid growth of various types of market players. With a series of policies and measures of decentralization, deepen the reform of commercial system, accelerate the implementation of the number of various types of market players continued rapid growth, the vitality of the market further burst. A quarter of all types of market players continue to maintain rapid growth. The 3 million 11 thousand newly registered market players, the industrial and commercial registration departments at all levels per minute to 37 "birth certificate" issued by the main body of the market; from the growth point of view, a quarter of new market players continue to maintain two digit growth, year-on-year growth of 10.7%, significantly.

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