Secretary of the two sessions of the two sessions on 2016

Secretary of the robot to read the two sessions, with the development of science and technology, the two sessions in 2016 is such a tall, of course, people are more concerned about the discussion of the two sessions. So, just follow the robot to see what the two sessions this year, right?

2016 national "two sessions" held as an important platform for people to participate in politics, the two sessions every year is the top priority of the national attention. In order to help the majority of users to better understand the contents and progress of the two sessions, Baidu intelligent robot degree secret in March 3rd to 16 cooperation with Xinhua news agency launched the degree of secret with you to see the two sessions special activities. The event relies heavily on Baidu search information and intelligent human interaction technology for users to timely and in-depth delivery of the latest information on the two sessions.

2016 Chinese GDP how to set the target of environmental protection? How to disperse the haze? Hukou reform drift can settle in?…… If you want to quickly understand the media through the authority of the two sessions on the topic of the people’s livelihood, this year you can try".



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