Can THF be a Chinese version of TED


China’s social needs of the moment, it is not possible to maintain the growth rate of GDP7%, nor is it set off a wave of entrepreneurship, but an elite launch, public participation in the feast of thought.

, for example, the Chinese version of TED.

we have become the second second economies Chinese, our people pocket money to go abroad with large amounts of consumption, we have become a money oriented society, but our people did not win the respect of the world, the lack of thought and the spirit of independent thinking of our brains, money and wealth instead of culture has become the only young people’s view of value.

There is not only one kind of values in the

world, but one thought. So the West took the lead in opening the TED lecture: Technology (Technology), entertainment (Entertainment) and design (Design). At this stage, whether scholars, scientists, and even children, the disabled, can become the speakers, whether it is psychology class serious or thick chicken soup, is the most cutting-edge technology or subtle understanding of life, can be used to share.

over the past 30 years, TED is not only popular in the west, but also popular in china. NetEase open class, TED subtitles group and many other organizations will be TED speech moved to the country, to the majority of people to transmit the western culture and values. Why can’t China have its own TED, why can’t we just think of it and accept it passively?

China in fact, there is no lack of TED attempts.

2010, shell network launched the "shell time", invited four scientists for a 20 minute speech; 2011, CCTV launched the "Lecture Room" also has a similar TED cultural heritage; in 2012, with "new ideas, new discoveries, new ideas" hearing forum established the same year similar "a forum set up until a few days ago, I just planted in a tropical vegetation in a top floor of the hotel is close to that of the TED activity: THF.

is similar to TED, THF (Technology), advocate scientific humanities (Humanistic) and fashion (Fashion), by media organizations, the scene is divided into two aspects: product show and show, creative products, such as sand painting, story APP, creative gifts, solitaire speech idea of show is similar to TED.

Historian Ji Lianhai

tells the story of "the history of the future", theoretical physics researchers, "three" science adviser Li Miao about the future of physics ", the founder of APP, tracking historical researcher Yuan Tengfei said" Chinese the traditional culture of the future "," folk folk master Xu Deliang in the future".

feedback from the site, the majority of participants are willing to accept the "lecture"

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