Nanjing property market policy

with the introduction of the purchase of the property market policy in Nanjing, some of the extreme behavior of the market, played a certain role in curbing the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. In September 25th, Nanjing (real estate) announced on the main city of the purchase of the property market, followed by the introduction of "Ning thirteen" upgrade version of the restriction order, to the property market in Nanjing under the foot of the illness. Today, the purchase order has been in Nanjing over the past month, at this time the Nanjing property market has been a significant cooling.

according to the Nanjing online real estate statistics show that the Nanjing property market in October the average daily turnover of about 205 sets, compared to the average daily volume in September 440 sets down more than half, and the implementation of the new deal in January to the daily volume in September compared with the average daily trading volume fell 37%. At present, this decline will increase.

in the volume decline of the situation, the developers also increased efforts to push the plate, only in Nanjing this week will have 4398 suites sources into the city, compared with the previous cover Xishou, developers staged a battle over customers. In this regard, the industry said that after the purchase order, the crackdown on foreign investment is relatively large, while some just need to wait and see, the volume will continue to fall.

individual time is now a single day two digit volume

just one month, the Nanjing major real estate sales staff, is from the "cloud" fall into the "underground". Is located in Nanjing Jiangbei plate project, Nanjing has been the hot property market benchmark, especially following the approval of Jiangbei District, Jiangsu Anhui and attracted many buyers attention, and therefore whether the project price and volume are skyrocketing trend.

however, in Nanjing the purchase order issued after the past fiery Tianrun City Sales Department, appeared deserted situation, "the purchase, buyers want to buy a house need to queue up, or even need to find the relationship between can grab a set of listings, but after the purchase, while every day there will be a purchase personnel over the house however, compared to the purchase of the former less than about 40%, the volume also has a certain decline." Sales Manager Chen told the daily economic news reporter said.

according to Chen on the "daily economic news" reporter said, before September there is no shortage of customers, buyers come showings, they generally introduce, some even only for the purchase of materials for the purchase of their own, buy by the buyers themselves, because you want to purchase a lot too much. When we are busy, some buyers to do not ask direct orders, but now we should take the initiative to call the buyers, most still choose to wait and see."

never worry about customers, there is no customer at present, which is currently a lot of real estate market in Nanjing phenomenon. According to the recommendation

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