Several questions about the successful opening of the ice cream shop

one summer, ice cream sales are very popular, other seasonal ice cream is also very popular, seemingly simple ice cream, a lot of people think that open the ice cream shop is very easy, so when the preparatory shop, just for the money, the store, without considering the details, and then later in the shop every kind of obstacles encountered. Here are a few ice cream shop open shop questions and answers, perhaps for your shop to help, look at it!

1, now open an ice cream shop encountered a problem, make ice cream is easy to melt, why? How to make high quality ice cream?

ice cream inside soft ice cream, there are two cases, the first case: sales may be too good, causing the output less than supply his soft ice cream machine, second kinds of situations: the machine itself does not reach its required capacity. This is part of the soft ice cream.

there is also a part of the ice cream, ice cream in Italy will cause these two reasons.

first, there is no way to reach the freezer 22 degrees below zero.

second, the business is so good that the ice cream cabinet often opens up causing the temperature to rise, causing the ice cream to soften.

to proceed from the device will be easier to improve.

2 how much does it cost to open an ice cream shop?

general soft ice cream shop, similar to that McDonald’s stores, the first ice cream machine, second ice cream, third wafer cylinder plus paper sets, add up to ten thousand yuan, this is the domestic machine, if it is to do it that McDonald’s soft ice cream machine, about 6-8 million.

if the ice cream is hard to open, you may need to prepare some ice cream cabinets with better performance. A little better than the price of ice cream cabinet about 30 thousand yuan, other procurement and factory hard ice cream. So open the ice cream ice cream shop, then probably need more than forty thousand yuan.

3, I want to open a shop to buy some ice, what kind of equipment and materials? How much investment?

if you want to open a Taiwan ice shop, the first need is ice machine, ice machine is second. Third (needed) related raw materials. Red bean, mung bean, strawberry sauce, jam, plum sauce, bean, peanut, eight fruits and other related articles. About twenty thousand of the total.

4, I would like to ask you to open the home to make money in the most appropriate location and how to store the goods in the store and service?

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