Yan Town 300 home workers get employment opportunities

to comply with the government’s call, many migrant workers returning home after the Spring Festival this year, employment, in order to help these people to solve the employment problem, so that they can come back to stay. Shuyang to help people find jobs and help entrepreneurs start business.

entrepreneurial incentives. Formulated to encourage migrant workers to return home to start the work of the implementation of the opinions, to further improve the preferential policies to return home entrepreneurship. Adhere to the "all in one service" and "one-stop" service, the whole process, so lowering the threshold limit release, improve efficiency, remove interference, make use of land, plant rental, formalities, capital support and other aspects of preferential policies in place.

with more passengers coming, rural towns should be ready to help the people returned early to get jobs, entrepreneurs can also be targeted, contributing to the construction and development of my hometown.

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