You make money selling dish

dish delicacy is especially popular in summer, many consumers love to eat cold dishes. If you want to set up a stall is a good idea to sell dish. Do this project to make money? If you are not very clear, you can come to see, Xiaobian compiled a few successful cases for reference.

in the Han Street meal Ms. Xia Italy, especially a "iced Gai Lan" dish. Crisp and refreshing iced Gai Lan dipped a little mustard sauce, juice, is very suitable for summer seasonal vegetables. Ms. Xia said, now a healthy diet concept of home cooking will try to eat less light oil, refreshing dish eat, feeling healthy and appetizing. "However, a set of Gai Lan asking price 32 yuan, not cheap!"

small blue, Chuzaowang and other large chain restaurants this year also launched a number of new dishes. Chuzaowang Xu Dong Dian added a lot of cheap seasonal vegetables, including global lotus belt and Hainan produced Mini eggplant. In addition, from the store for the first time since this summer will change to a single case of braised assorted cold dishes to sell, such as 4 yuan a 7 yuan a dish of stewed chicken legs, tofu etc.. Small blue new iced lotus seeds, hot and sour cabbage and other seasonal dishes. In addition, the store also launched a halogen halogen quail, Trotter cold dish etc.. These dishes are very good money, outside the stall is the same, the business is very good!


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