Tea carpenter milk tea to support what

What does

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tea tea tea to support what?

before opening

site help:

theory guide – headquarters free of charge (tea shop location management manual);

practical guidance – the headquarters of the professional market participants on the cooperative store evaluation;

store image design:

headquarters free of charge to provide shop drawings design, at the same time the external image of the company by the unified display, beautiful, durable, save money;

marketing activities:

shop decoration in the process of the store’s publicity, takeaway expansion, different industry alliance cooperation;

technical support:

headquarters to provide 3+2 professional training;

logistics distribution:

headquarters professional logistics timely, safe facilities, raw materials distribution to your store.

opened in

opening promotion:

headquarters to provide a variety of promotional activities to guide the operation and promotion activities planning;

opened in store:

headquarters stationed first-class manager for professional training;


planning support:

headquarters to provide guidance and promotional activities of the industry alliance planning;

operations support:

headquarters to send regular professional trainers to provide partners with product knowledge, store management. Service skills, financial management, standards, inventory management and other professional training!

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