Special merchandise can attract customers

the same commodity, is the rule of the stacked together to attract people, or through some special placement, put a certain shape more attractive? I think a lot of people have a very clear answer. A friend to go to a department store, see the salesperson with sandals on the ground put a beautiful pattern on the sandals counter, attracted many people stop and watch, my friends and I are also attracted by this design create new styles.


pattern inside two circle is black and grey sandals placed into the middle, with red and white sandals put into a sitting girl, with a pair of sports shoes pink as the little girl pink face, looks very cute. At that time, I would like to, if we put the goods are placed in a different pattern, can not achieve the purpose of attracting customers?

that day there is a brand of laundry activities, each bag of powder to give a small plastic basin. I put a bag of washing powder each plastic bowl, and then put these red plastic pots in front of the store placed into a big plum shaped, very conspicuous. This trick really works, a lot of passers-by are curious to look around.

I took the opportunity to recommend to you, this brand of washing powder is not only large, easy to use, but also free plastic pots, affordable, rare opportunity. See free gifts, many people began to buy, and a ten, ten hundred, many people in the village heard the news also came to see what. In this way, only one day, I went into a dozen pieces of laundry on the left.

tasted the sweetness of me, began to put on the cigarette and other goods on the brain. I put the "Taishan (Shen Xiu)" put into Pyramid on the counter, the place on top of a box of "Taishan (chicken)", with a cigarette cut a blast sign, write "rooster" four copybook below. Those days, people who smoke cigarettes boast my creativity, my "Taishan (Shen Xiu)" and "Taishan" (big chicken) sales increased significantly.

sometimes I also put some small food into children’s favorite cartoon image, the milk and gift boxes into a variety of shapes, etc.. There are a lot of unsalable goods through this special placement, but also had a good visual effect, so that customers stop to enjoy the same time, but also had a desire to buy, so that unsalable goods have become popular.

In fact,

is not just the display of goods, as operators, in the current competitive environment so intense, but also need to be able to master more business skills, but also can continue to innovate. In short, the daily operation, as long as we use our brains, and constantly inject new vitality into the store, we will be able to attract customers, our financial resources will be rolling in.

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