Yang Xiaoqing intentions do clever business district

district shops if properly managed, no doubt to be able to develop more relaxed, more lucrative. So, now many people are very interested in the business district. However, the number of convenience stores in the area is also increasing, if you want to successfully open a small convenience store, naturally also need to grasp a certain operating rules. And Yang Xiaoqing by virtue of their own business, so that the convenience store business is getting more and more prosperous.

Yang Xiaoqing, owner of Ningxia Shizuishan Pingluo gate Xinghai Garden District convenience store. With the gradual change of people’s lifestyle, people go to the supermarket shopping habits have been formed. Supermarket with its price advantage, the convenience of the shopping process, constantly impact on the survival of some small convenience stores.

2009 her sister 1 years of business store plate down, because in the entrance area, good shop business, but the customer needs are very complex, so need to small odds and ends of sewing the merchandise, variety, quantity is large. She considered multi-point display, shelves, freezers, etc. with the use of space to improve utilization, and change the business ideas, clever do convenience store business district entrance.

rational use of space

close to the location of the three wall, placed a certain height shelves. One side of the wall of the shelf to do vegetables, fruit display, stacking, neat and orderly, every time she went to the store to buy food, the door will be able to buy the vegetables, fruits. In the middle of the shop, according to the actual size of the space to put a certain number of shelves. To improve the utilization ratio of space by reasonable arrangement and combination between the shelves.


in the display of goods, or her associated with a series of goods placed in the same display area, for customers to choose the convenience, no matter any more than that, in her shop are very few customers can not find the necessary goods noisy. Store is not large, the distance between the shelves can not be too large, just for customers to browse, select goods to stay on the aisle. The height of the shelf is not enough to buy, depending on the location of the wall shelf, because rely on the wall of the shelf can rely on the wall, set up wood and other materials when there is focus.

for safety, she made of wood beautiful display cabinets, shelves of goods can not be placed too heavy, too high, the customer hands reach, so she specializes in wine, liquor manufacturers display, not only the appearance of the store, the customer a door you can at a glance, the most is the monthly return display manufacturers award this is not a small income. The board will be erected and other materials can be made, according to the type of goods, the number of different, with the height of the goods to be adjusted to ensure that some of the big size of the goods can be put in place.

open space in front of the door, she took advantage of the space in front of the door, beer, beverage and other sales of goods faster. She said that because the shop