Ten marketing skills catering stores must know

hot food and beverage industry, many entrepreneurs have chosen to join the restaurant. In fact, open restaurant franchise, not as long as we imagine the product is good, delicious food on the line. When you start your own business as a restaurant owner, you will find that these are not enough, want more customers, marketing services is very important.

1, the basic skills to promote food

when the guests to the restaurant, the service staff should take the initiative to introduce to the guests on the same day supply dishes. At this point, the waiter should stand on the right side of the guests, the distance between 0.5-1 meters, posture, smiling, the body slightly forward, listen carefully, carefully recorded. In order of the process should pay attention to if the guests did not supply food, should apologize first, and then the guests recommended dishes and guests should be similar, or more specialty dishes; the time to catch up if the guest said, to advise the guest point fast food, steamed, fried, not recommended wine dishes to the guests.

2, the basic skills to sell drinks

in the promotion, the service staff should keep in mind the name of the wine, origin, flavor, price, features, efficacy and other content, answer the questions to be accurate and fluent guests. Talk ambiguously answer, doubt will make the guests of the restaurant, the price of wine quality. In the language is not allowed to use the "almost", "may", "like" and other words.

3, selling skills in the meal

The vast majority of

into the restaurant guests on their own what to eat today, not an accurate concept. An excellent service personnel and guests in brief contact, should be able to accurately determine their guests consumption level in what kind of grades, only the correct judgment can be targeted to sell food and drinks to the guests.

4, the food after the sale of skills

dishes together, first of all to tell the guests: "excuse me, you have been on the dishes, please slow. If there are other needs, I am very willing to serve you." This is said to have two meanings: first, to allow guests to clear the dishes have been together, to see if the dishes are consistent with the point; two is to remind the guests if the food is not enough, you can add vegetables.

5, the marketing skills of children

children to the restaurant is usually brought by the parents, for the restaurant is not frequented by the restaurant, everything will feel fresh restaurant. If you want to ask the children like to eat what food, they generally can not say, but in the selection of drinks on the contrary. Because of television advertising, small type of beverage familiar friends. When you are a child, consider what kind of drink you can sell

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