Qingdao Airport the Spring Festival home to ride a plane adorable pet can carry

in our daily life, with the gradual increase of living standards, many people in the usual time, all love feeding a small animal, but the Spring Festival is coming, a lot of people in order to avoid the traffic jam by plane, but the flight of adorable pet can carry? This is also the issue of concern to the majority of passengers. Reporters learned from the Qingdao airport, there are passengers when the opportunity to do not understand the relevant provisions, in an attempt to directly with a pet over security boarding, the result of the delay of the trip.

in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese civil aviation passenger and baggage domestic transport rule forty-fourth the small animals refer to the domestic cats, dogs or other small animals. Small animals shall be handled in accordance with the following provisions:

1. passengers must be made at the time of reservation or ticket, and provide proof of animal quarantine, with the consent of the carrier can be checked before.

2. passengers should be on the day of the flight, according to the time specified by the carrier, the small animals will be transported to the airport to check their own procedures.

3. containers for small animals shall meet the following requirements:

(1) can prevent small animals from destroying, escaping and extending out of the container, causing damage to passengers, baggage or cargo.

(2) to ensure that the air circulation, does not cause small animals suffocation.

(3) to prevent leakage of feces, so as not to pollute the aircraft, aircraft equipment and other items.

4. passengers carrying small animals, in addition to the carrier license, shall not be transported in the cabin.

5. the weight of small animals and their containers shall be charged separately for the excess baggage charges.

adorable pet has the opportunity to seize the opportunity, you can not bring the machine on the plane, the majority of passengers in the preparation of the adorable pet on the plane, you need to strictly comply with the above requirements for the relevant formalities! At the same time, according to the Qingdao airport staff, Qingdao airport had encountered some passengers will be hidden in the hamster sweater hat; and the passengers will be small turtles hidden in his pants pocket inside; what is more directly to their own small pets in the mouth in an attempt to muddle over the inspection, all screeners see through one by one".

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