Shaoyang Suining County entrepreneurship training to fish fish

now for many entrepreneurs who, in the middle of the road of entrepreneurship will encounter some problems like this or that, at the same time, localities have also held a number of training courses is to help entrepreneurs solve some problems of entrepreneurship.

to improve employment and entrepreneurship, Suining County, relying on the vibration of Sui occupation training school, have entrepreneurial aspirations and skills requirements of the enterprise of laid-off workers, unemployed unemployed, college graduates, demobilized soldiers and migrant workers to carry out the "awareness of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial skills + + professional knowledge" and "three in one" free entrepreneurship training, from the implementation of the "delegate to fish" to "teach him to change the fish". This year, the county has organized 12 training courses, training students of 400 people, of whom, by training to achieve their own business when the boss, the 176 began to start their own businesses through training.

in addition, the county put entrepreneurial training and small loans combined to provide financial and technical support for entrepreneurs. This year, the county has issued 5 million 620 thousand yuan of small secured loans to support the initiative of the 96 urban and rural entrepreneurs.

through entrepreneurship training, Le Pu Xiang Yang Huang Minyang migrant workers built a modern family farm, planting Southern peach crisp in high-grade fruit of more than and 70 acres, more than and 700 square meters of housing development, achieved economic benefits over million mu. To participate in business training, the county college student entrepreneurs, the owner of the firm accord decoration business confidence to Shao Hui, the use of small loans, expand business scale, the professional decoration business to cover most of the county and township.

the Suining County of Shaoyang in entrepreneurship training to "fish" instead of "fish" model, but also by the local people and many entrepreneurs are welcome at the same time, a kind of entrepreneurship training mode of such should be carried out.


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