Arati King the whole how mutton string

said everyone unconsciously mutton will think of Xinjiang authentic taste of mutton, mutton string Chinese is quite keen on Xinjiang local brands, this is also a Chinese local regional tastes, today Xiaobian to recommend a good brand of mutton mutton string Arati king.

Arati is one of the king of mutton restaurant brand Arati restaurant group, currently in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou and Wuxi city are fifty stores (in the impression of the city of Suzhou, Suzhou Park, Suzhou square and adjacent AEON Rui Hangzhou AEON, impression of the city of Hangzhou and Wuxi based landmark Shopping Center the performance of stores have achieved good results.


group has the Arati mutton Research Institute, all aspects of a dozen grill master from raw material, marinade, string method, baking method, dipping, bamboo and oven carey, to ensure Arati mutton string in the leading position of


Arati mutton string King food ingredients from Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia prairie sentinel breeding base, 100% fresh lamb, safer and more secure, more pure taste!!

Arati mutton string Suzhou central factory (phase I) can produce an annual output of 100 million string of mutton string, for our country to expand the store to provide a strong source of protection!

at the end of May 2016, "Arati mutton king" franchise has been successful in Nantong, Hangzhou, radiation Suzhou, Zhuji, Wuxi, Chongqing city nearly 40 stores, the majority of consumers and small entrepreneurs favor.

Arati mutton string king will open 1000 stores in the next 3 years, China has become one of the fastest growing chain restaurant brands.

Arati kebab King joining support:

1. training — professional supervision theory and practical training, regular patrol shop, recommend buy, update the menu, a number of direct support of many stores, so you quickly become an expert. Arati mutton string to join, a simple cause of profit and enjoy you, easy to operate a good business all year round.

2, the store area —- Arati lamb house shop does not require a large area to 15 square meters, the small store is enough to attract thousands of customers sought. Select the advantages of small area stalls shop is very convenient location, whether it is in the food street, pedestrian street, super business, school, night market, as long as people can operate more places.

3, less investment — just 5-10 million, 80 and office workers, such as the first choice for small businesses.

4, simple management – Large

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