A strategic approach to new things into the market

now is a society to seek innovative society, since innovation, appear so welcome new things, but now that the booming market form, want to let your new things still need development strategy.

Five specific methods of

1. looking for off the shelf opportunities.

choose to play in the target market, market segments to find those "forgotten", a firm foothold in the market, to further expand the market

2. creates new opportunities.

This refers to is not "copy" to imitate the products of others, but through their development and innovation, innovation attitude in the target market, to give consumers the feeling of novelty, stimulate new psychological needs.

3. creative marketing.

4. adapt and change customer preferences.

to enter the market should not only know what the needs of the market, consumers like what, also can create a customer, through advertising to change the customer preferences, or establish a new concept of consumption.

5. understand competitors and learn from competitors.


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