Does the Olympic curse really exist

Olympic Games this is a matter of great importance to the country, each session of the Olympic Games has attracted the attention of the people of the country, and in the financial markets, the Olympic Games does not seem to be able to become a happy event. The main reason, I am afraid that many people have been promoted by the Olympic curse exists. So, the Olympic curse really exist?

the Rio Olympics in full swing, Olympic athletes to win gold and silver medals at the same time, in the A stock market, also reached a new height for the discussion of the Olympic curse. Yesterday, the reporter learned that nearly 5 Summer Olympic Games, there are 3 years during the Olympic Games, the Shanghai composite index are in a state of decline, the Olympic curse does not seem to just talk about it.

, however, in the view of many people in the industry, since the opening of the Olympic Games, A-share market continued to shock, but little relationship with the Olympic Games, A rose slightly yesterday is to dispel the doubts of many investors. The so-called Olympic curse is more of a psychological impact. And during the Olympic Games, there are still many small plates operating space, investors should focus on the Olympic Games more focused on the level.

Olympic curse more psychological factors, the previous Olympic Games are mostly down, so investors cautious during the Olympic Games, which further inhibited the possibility of rising." China and Thailand securities Qingdao Hongkong Road business department investment adviser Li Yan believes that because the Games temporarily leave less money and less, not enough to affect the market, so the Olympic curse is caused more investors overall psychological factors.

in addition, during the Olympic Games there are many actually can operate the plate, data show that the recent four Olympic Games before or during the ten highest number of plate steel, food and beverage, banking and mining, investors can pay more attention to. In addition, such as the sports section, online travel is related to corresponding concepts, investors can select the current at the bottom, stocks recently continued sideways tracking.

Danyang chief investment officer Kang Yue believes that water, A shares no so-called European Cup and the Olympic Games spell spell, some investors just demons. The current stock index down from 5178 points, the management has been almost wiped out the leverage bubble, the overall valuation of A shares are also at a low level of history. In our opinion, every fall, collapse or Yindie, are in the hit gold pit". As long as the stocks held by investors is not too bad, the holding period is not too short, the future has a chance.

any one of the market in the current environment can not always remain unchanged, the constant change is a normal phenomenon, but some time just coincidence, in the Olympic games. Therefore, the Olympic curse does not exist, as long as we adjust the mentality of the right to choose the right to operate the plate, will be able to create more wealth during the Olympic games.

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