Gu Xiangguo joined three advantages of dimethoate drink

if you are not affected by the impact of the news can not drink the fruit drinks on the market, because additives, pigments and other issues. If you repeatedly hold your loving heart for health tea, not to touch the stall on the tea juice drinks Xiangguo Le Valley, zero added, corn + fruit, squeezed to drink, drink fruit drinks, new fashion show.

Valley Xiangguo joined the three major advantages of dimethoate drink

natural health drinks – winning trend

To accurately grasp the development trend of

drinks, meet consumer need, promote healthy drinking to blending unhealthy drinks, bring peace of mind to enjoy a healthy modern urban young consumer groups, so that consumers are willing to pay, identity of product concept, bring sales growth.

concept of grain and fruit – win collar precise positioning

with cereal, fruit as the main composition of products, you can add coffee and milk, have different tastes and varieties available, creating new drinks drinking experience, so that consumers feel like rural tranquility and recover the original simplicity, good experience, pure natural wind.

fresh taste – winning unique products

fresh fruit and cereal grain crushing, forming thick paste, fruit juice, preserved original flavor, exudes a natural fragrance, faint breath fills the mouth, drink, already forget.

Valley Xiangguo music, a variety of fruits and vegetables are zero added, more healthy; squeezed to drink more fresh corn + fruit, more nutrition. Original juice, original flavor, original ecology, green trend, wonderful dance!

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