Carrefour frequently shut shop RT Mart where the road

once the Carrefour can be said to be a little green leaves red, in China for more than 20 years, has been easy win over peers, and now face close the closure of the crisis, the market changing and unpredictable situation, Darunfa should decide on what path to follow?


advanced concept of hardware facilities, Butler style shopping service

if you use two words to describe Darunfa Commercial Plaza, it is spacious, fast, ample parking, end parking, free shuttle bus, and all obstacles! In order to let customers to the mall like to return to their home at Darunfa convenience, set up a special "Parking" and "guidelines", "into the store" to "shopping", "consultation" and "going out" standardized service processes, standardization management training service system, become the Darunfa super steward of the

capital advantage!

and Taiwan enterprises in the service beyond the fine and inherit the traditional has advantages, as Taiwan enterprises Darunfa, naturally uphold this superiority. This happens to be WAL-MART, Carrefour is not perfect.


to Darunfa fresh products for example, Darunfa same quality products, prices are generally lower than the surrounding 10%-20%, the advantages of high quality and low price is far more than the same area of condensed Darunfa super super popular, to run inside the square and street facade shop popularity rose simultaneously, according to the National Statistics, Darunfa rental shops is generally higher than the same type of surrounding shops 3-4 times.

shop to open a store

"and was not good, does not open, we pay special attention in the area of the site, Darunfa assistant chairman Hong Wankang said. Another layer of meaning is that the location of the selected address, they will adhere to the business, do not give up easily.

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