Entrepreneurship has never existed in the era of good or bad

when the opportunity is not good, people will complain about too many entrepreneurs Born Under A Bad Sign, in fact, is not related to entrepreneurship and age, as long as you have a long-term vision, not difficult to find good projects.

now in creating a circle of thought gradually spread, including many investors and entrepreneurs will promote the idea now is a good time of entrepreneurship. People who hold this argument believe that the urgent needs of the country’s economic restructuring, policy support, the enthusiasm of the capital circle, the three elements of the composition of today’s entrepreneurial era.

The rise of

in June this year, a conversation is regarded as a new character myth chairman Lei Jun and Feng Lun and SOHO China Wantong holdings chairman Pan Shiyi on the current business. In this "Pan Tan" a "Lei Jun entrepreneurship is not a man to do, is worthless dry" caused a lot of controversy. This sentence shows the nature of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a painful process of experience, perhaps there will be good or bad times, but not good times and bad times. In the same starting line, the last few entrepreneurs can win.

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