Do you dare to resign

do not be satisfied with the work, in this era of entrepreneurship, the resignation of entrepreneurship, which is probably a lot of people in the current choice. After all, in today’s entrepreneurship, many workers may have considered resigning business thing, but not everyone is walking on the road of entrepreneurship, many people are hesitant, do not know whether they are suitable for business, because once the venture will face to abandon everything now, even in the face of failure risk.

for their suitability for entrepreneurship, we can do the following test:

1, to meet the boss in the company’s unreasonable demands you will argue?

answer: if it is so congratulations you are suitable for business, because when the interests of the damage and ignore, then you will slowly become numb or even compromise, and finally no interest or negative growth. So in their own interests will not be violated when the resistance is not suitable for entrepreneurship.

2, do you think it’s a good time to start a business or start a business when the economy is depressed?

if you choose to start a business in a good social environment, a great chance of failure. In the opposite case although the business environment is good business seems difficult to do, but do not forget that you are in the start-up stage, the business has only just started, the relatively slow growth in most areas of the business to build customer relationship and develop the market, business volume theory is not immediate, but the problem is that the economic environment is good to the business, regardless of the company office space rental, hire staff salaries, the daily expenditure must be compared with the economic depression high cost much, so is not conducive to entrepreneurship.

on the other hand, because the accumulation process is started, has started pre good business difficult to do, but because of poor economic conditions, the choice of social talents and cheap, and be able to rent affordable office space, the daily expenditure is relatively low so much, very suitable for business.

3, how do you look at risk

venture is like adventure, and risk will be risky. But in fact, whenever the normal people to take the risk should be sufficient to prepare for departure, so when you think of entrepreneurship in the mind when there is a rash or worry, then you are not suitable for entrepreneurship. But you’ll risk as planned and no danger of anything going wrong for well deployment to action, and because it is so more adventure holding certain success mentality, congratulations you have success factors.

in fact, although the business that once the rewards of success is very large, however, this is also a greater risk of the road, if we have to insist on is not suitable for this road, is not conducive to their career development. So, see you dare to resign

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